Wherever you are

you can manage your devices and receive notifications about events.
Conveniently, from your phone or tablet, even without Internet access


Receive notifications about events

up to date and straight to your phone

Remotely control whatever you want

from anywhere, without an internet connection

Your imagination is the limit – here are some examples:

Alarm system management

Optimization of energy usage costs

Thermostatic control over heating and cooling

Cooling and water system support

Immobilization of vehicle engine in case of theft

Comfortable managing of Your devices

Versatility and ergonomics

Remote control module with little size and big possibilities
2 independent channels remotely controlling the devices
2 independent inputs redirecting notifications from the sensors
2 defined channels for temperature and voltage measurement
Unlimited usability with any GSM network, even abroad

  • Control using the dedicated app or SMS commands with the use of a GSM network.
    The app or SMS commands allow the control and configuration of Guardio, and downloading system information (current settings, information about condition of inputs and outputs, temperature and voltage)
  • Notifying of two authorized users
    Guardio can remember two phone numbers of users, that will receive notifications.
  • Notification type configuration
    The device notifies users about events using SMS or calls
  • Feature of setting a PIN code to secure the device from unauthorized access
    Any commands received by Guardio can be secured with a 4 digit PIN defined by the user
  • Notification about alarming or sensor violation
    Two independent inputs with adjusted triggering time ranging from 0 to 99 seconds , either negative or positive trigger impulse polarization for enable the connection of any kind of sensor. For example a contractor, motion sensor, a tilt sensor or trigger signal from alarm system in order to notify the users about any events.
  • Remote control over two devices
    Two independent outputs with regulated release time ranging from 0 to 99 seconds, or working in on/off mode, enable control over two devices powered electrically, for example lighting, gate, shutters, pumps or heating.
  • Remote control using calls (CLIP)
    The device allows for simple output control by calling the number of the SIM card inserted into the device
  • Remote voltage measurement
    Guardio has a voltage measurement input with a range of 0-15V and the accuracy of 0.1V. If the input is connected, the user can remotely check the voltage value.
  • Remote temperature measurement*
    Remote temperature measurement is possible in a range of -55°C to +125°C, and the accuracy measures 0.5 °C.
  • Thermostat functionality with heating and cooling*
    The user can remotely switch the thermostat on or off, if one of the following work modes: heating or cooling, is earlier defined. The user must also define the on/off temperature before use.
  • Protection against jamming or loss of GSM signal
    If one of the outputs is released, and the device cannot send a notification because of GSM signal loss, the release notification is saved in the device’s memory, so the user receives the notification when the signal is restored.
  • Roaming support
    In the device you can install a SIM card of any GSM operator. In the case of using the operator’s card abroad, the device will notify the user about international roaming
  • Very low energy consumption
    Guardio is friendly for the environment – the energy usage in standby mode does not exceed 5mA (0,06Watt)

*optional devices needed for specified functions are available separately

Functionality fitted for Your needs

You can use any sensors, that will control whatever is important to you









A command center in Your hands

The free mobile app for Android phones or tablets enables configuration, notifications and remote control of all Guardio system functions. With the app working in the background, you will receive all notifications on your phone.

Functions performed by the app

  • Turning on or off of outputs
  • Inputs condition check
  • Notification about inputs violation
  • Notification about outputs activation
  • Temperature check
  • Voltage check
  • Thermostat on/off notifications
  • Enabling the validation of turning on/off of
  • Setting of notification mode for 2 users (Ringtone/SMS/Ringtone and SMS)
  • Setting of inputs trigger delay (0 to 99 seconds)
  • Setting the work time for both outputs (0 to 99 seconds or static mode)
  • Setting the thermostat’s work mode (heating/cooling)
  • Setting maximal temperature (1°C to 99°C)
  • Setting minimal temperature (0°C to 98°C)
  • Setting of control by calling (CLIP)
  • Setting a PIN code (4 digits)
  • Setting a SIM card number
  • Setting 2 phone numbers for authorized users
  • Language selection (English, Polish, Spanish, German)

Why is Guardio worth buying?

For a reasonable price you get a device that has a wide range of usability. You get a free mobile app to control your Guardio remotely. You can modify the system depending on your needs. You will install everything yourself without any a special skills

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